RALDMOV Natural Purp …


RALDMOV Natural Purp …

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Cluster Quartz Crystal Ghost Cluster Treatment Decorative Home furnishings (Green,300g)



  • the product name?Green/tawny/Yellow/White/Amethyst Crystal Cluster material?Green/Yellow/White/tawny/Amethyst Crystal weight?about300g/500g Quantity: 1 PC
  • Note: Because it is 100% natural crystal, it is difficult to keep everyone the same, so it can happen that everyone is always different in size and weight and it is normal to have differences. The color may also differ somewhat from the product, which is normal. The picture usually looks bigger than the actual product, please refer to the product size.
  • Crystal is naturally formed crystal minerals, it sends out breath can make people become more peaceful, but also can stabilize people’s mood, relieve nervous mental pressure, sleep quality of the human body also has a very good improvement effect, conducive to health.
  • Can degaussing for beloved crystal baby, crystal act the role ofing is put back to oneself maternal body, can get rest, nourish, charge, with degaussing.
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