QINJIEJIE Color Flou …


QINJIEJIE Color Flou …

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Stones for Healing Tumbling Cabbing Fountain Rocks Decoration Polishing Wire Wrapping Wicca Reiki 0.45 lbs



  • [ Basic Information ] Specification attributes : 0.45 lb Color Fluorite Raw Crystals. (approximately)Size : 0.8-1.2″; Weight : 0.45lb/set (200 g/set). Fluorite Helps to get rid of the negative energy accumulated in the body, clean and balance the chakras, and prevent the invasion of external negative energy. It is a stunning addition to any home /small garden/collection cabinet or jewelry box. It is suitable as a gift for crystal lovers, crystal beginners and craft lovers.
  • 【Powerful and versatile】We source high-quality crystals from Brazil, broken by hand by workers, forms natural and unique shapes and textures. These Raw Crystals have sharp edges and ample healing energy. Can be used for meditation/crystal ceremony/collection/tumbling/handmade/room decoration/fish tank vase decoration, etc. Can also be given as a gift to those we care and love (parents, wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, siblings, best friends, etc.).
  • 【The role of crystals】 There is a “piezoelectric effect” in crystals, which can generate extremely weak positive and negative currents, which can help us gain health to a certain extent. It will “transmute” all the negative energies to positive, can help our body to open and link the chakra healing energy, to regain its balance and help us in a meditative and blissful state in work and life.
  • 【Calm and Focused】 The modem world that places tremendous stress on our body, mind and spirit. Let crystals join a meditation or yoga, it will bring a deep calm descended which can help our mind felt intent and focused. It is recommended to clean it before using it: Put the crystal under the tap, rinse it for 3-4 minutes, wipe it dry and put it in the open air, let the elements of nature recharge it, such as sunlight, moonlight, wind, fog, etc..
  • [ PLEASE NOTE ] 1. These raw crystals stones make of diffrerent gemstones, carvings may slightly vary in texture color, size and shape. Each product has a unique appearance. 2. Some new small debris may be generated during transportation, please be careful not to cut your fingers when you take out the product when you receive the package. 3.If you have any suggestions for the products, you could contact us on Amazon at any time.We insist on customer first and will handle it for you immediately.


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