Natural Fluorite Str …


Natural Fluorite Str …


Ornaments Decor Battery Operated for Reiki, Wedding, Divination, Display



  • 【Perfect Gift from Nature World】Natural and Untreated Directly from the Fluorite Mine Every stone is unique and sizes, shapes, colors and patterns may vary. The LED bulbs chips imbedded light crystals up from inside and make them look like magic stones from fairy tale. The string lights can be decorated everywhere in your house. Bringing mysterious and pleasant atmosphere to your life. It could be a great additional touch to the details of whatever you are prepared for the special day.
  • 【Varies in Size and Colors】All stones are naturally generated and picked by hand, We try to keep its original wild appearance as much as we can. Size of each stone varies from 0.75-1.5 inch, Approximate weight: 8-12 g. Color changes between: Green – Blue.
  • 【Never Go Hot, Safe for Children and Pet】This Fluorite LED string light is powered by low voltage and would not overheat ever after prolonged usage. The wire is barely noticeable and Could be easily hid. The stones are chosen carefully, washed and embellished before putting together.
  • 【 Multi-Function Remote with Timing and Flicker Functions】 With the IP64 waterproof battery pack, you can easily carry and place the LED lights anywhere you like (batteries not included). And control it with the multi-function remote. 2/6 Hrs build-in timer provides automatic shut off. (if you turn it on under 6 Hrs timer mode at 3 PM, it will turn off at 9 PM and on again at 3 PM the next day)., Multiple flicker speeds and brightness levels are available with the controller. Remove the plastic
  • 【A Powerful Crystal to Ward Off Negative Energies and Making you Emotionally, Mentally prepared to Overcome Challenges】On a psychic level, Nature Fluorite is a very protective crystal. It will help you know when there are external forces trying to control or manipulate you, and it can effectively shut down any kind of mental or psychic manipulation. It enhances your healing potential by tightly focusing brain activity and it can invoke spiritual awaken when used in meditation.


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