11mm Cuban Link Miam …


11mm Cuban Link Miam …

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    • This Gold Necklace is made to last with up to 20X more 24 karat real gold plating than standard electroplated fashion jewelry; Chains width 11mm ( ~ 7/16 inch ); Mens jewelry is available in 18 20 22 24 26 30 and 36 inches; Choice of Gold or White Gold (Rhodium)
    • This Gold Necklace is made in USA since 1987 by a small family run business; comes in a black velvet pouch for easy gift giving; These chains for men are heavy (not hollow inside) and durable
    • ThisCUBAN LINK CHAIN is for women and men, as not even your jeweler will know this is not solid gold;cadenas para hombres and gold chain for boys
    • This Free Lifetime REPLACEMENT Guarantee is for Lifetime Jewelry; Be it 30 days, a year or a decade – you’ll get a new mens necklace from us if ever any of our necklace chains break, fade, or simply don’t live up to your highest expectations free of charge; Just remember to register your purchase(s) on our website


Product details

  • IsDiscontinuedByManufacturer:‎ No
  • ProductDimensions:‎ 18×0.43x18inches;3.84Ounces
  • How Lifetime Jewelry Is Made
  • For one thing, we make our jewelry here in the United States.
  • For another, our jewelry is made with a proprietary formula known only to our highly skilled artisans.
  • We apply 20 micro inches to a core made of semi-precious metals in order to improve resistance to tarnishing and the look and feel of solid gold.
  • How Common Plated Jewelry Is Made
  • Normally, electroplate has 2-4 micro inches of gold on it which isn’t much. This is why it tends to wear so quickly.
  • The pot metal core is usually made of nickel or steel which tend to cause allergic reactions in people.
  • Lifetime Jewelry Process
  • Standard Manufacture Process
  • We have been a family run small business since 1987
  • We are real people who use our own products every day
  • We expect the best for our families and want the same for yours
  • We cut no corners in our products, and will cut no corners in our support to you
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • How To Care for Gold Plated Jewelry
  • It is very important to understand that gold plating requires
  • very gentle care
  • Gold plated jewelry shouldn’t be ever wiped or polished with any coarse fabrics, because you can gradually rub off the plating. It won’t happen in one day, but it gradually will remove the gold layer, no matter how thick the plating is. This does happen with gold as well, but because it’s gold throughout the piece of jewelry, there is no visible difference except that your jewelry gets slightly thinner over the years.
  • The best way to clean it is to use a dry chamois or soft cloth. You would need to remove any oils from your jewelry first, by using a cotton ball dampened with a bit of alcohol or vinegar.
  • You should never try cleaning your jewelry with any abrasive or powder-like substances.
  • FunNY Fact!
  • It’s very easy to clean gold plated jewelry with beer – the jewelry piece needs to be submerged in beer for several minutes, washed off in running water and then polished with a very soft cloth.


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