AMOYSTONE Selenite C …


AMOYSTONE Selenite C …

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Point 6 Sides Selenite Wands Large 6″ 1 PC



  • Size: Double termated six sides tower, about 6.0 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide, weight 0.8 LBS approx. The stones are 100% natural, they are from Morocco
  • Selenite are white and translucent and with beautiful striations, it look almost like a silky pearl.It’s usually tubular in shape, with different patterns and striations, looks unique and elegant. Please allow slight flaw as a natural product
  • Selenite represents spiritual purity, by connecting it to crown chakra, we can wash away impurities of the mind. Including negative thoughts, negative memories, mental blockages, and even help against insomnia.We will be calmer and more tranquil
  • It ensures a peaceful environment when stones are placed around the home and it is an excellent stone for Meditation and Yoga. It is a great gift for crystal lovers
  • Guarantee from JYGems-We are sure that you’ll love the Selenite Tower, and if you aren’t absolutely satisfied, return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked


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