AMOYSTONE Heart Cele …


AMOYSTONE Heart Cele …


Celestite Geode for Reiki, Collection, Gifts with Plastic Stand 4″-4.4″



  • Natural Crystals: 100% Natural Celestite. Size: The heart-shaped celestite size is approximately 4″-4.4″ (10cm-11cm). Weight: approx. 1.76-2.2 lbs.
  • Heart Quartz: This natural celestite is polished into the shape of a heart. The heart-shaped crystal is perfect for expressing your emotions and showing your love to family and friends.
  • Large Celestite: Celestite is a sweet blue high vibration crystal, that aids you to contact your guardian angels. It treats disorders of the eyes and ears, and soothes muscle tension and headaches by calming both the mind and the body together.
  • Home Decor: Our heart-shaped celestite comes with a plastic stand so you can place it anywhere as a very beautiful, unique decorative piece for your home.
  • Unique Crystal: Our heart-shaped crystals are polished from natural Madagascar celestite, so there will be subtle differences in the shape, size and color of each heart-shaped stone. What you receive will be similar to the one in the picture, which just happens to reflect the uniqueness of the crystal.


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