18K Real Gold Plated …


18K Real Gold Plated …


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  • The material used is environmentally friendly copper, which is 18K yellow gold/ platinum plating
  • The chain length can vary from 0CM (only pendant) to 70CM
  • The necklace does not fade and is made of copper
  • The stamp is 18KGP

Product details

  • PackageDimensions:‎ 3.94×1.97×0.39inches;0.71Ounces
  • Passage 7 Jewelry
  • Our jewelry is made with Swiss imported polishing and electroplating equipment. The main method we use is gold-plated copper, which is a way of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of copper. We produce and process a variety of jewelry products, including bracelets & bangles,earrings, rings, and jewelry sets.
  • Pendant necklaces are made of 18k gold, platinum plated, alloy, stainless steel gold, and Pearl. various pendants include pearl pendant, diamond, floral, animal, cross, and letters.
  • Earrings are beautiful and shiny, with diamond sparkling. They come in various styles such asoop earring,stud earrings, tear drop earring, round, oval, and dangling drop earring. The material used for the earrings is cubic zircon and rhinestone embellished.
  • Bracelets & bangles are made of stainless steel and gold, and are suitable for men, women, boys, and girls. They are not age-限制.
  • Rings are suitable for wedding, promise, and fashion. They come in 2 pieces, 3-piece, and 4 pieces sets.
  • Jewelry sets are a good choice for wedding, party, anniversary gifts to mother, father, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, boss or employee. They come in 2 pieces, 3-piece, and 4 piece sets.
  • Jewelry accessories have a hip hop, fashion, romantic, vintage, and religious style. Search Passage 7 jewelry and you’ll never disappointed.
  • We care for our jewelry and recommend keeping it from water.
  • Package content includes 1 necklace, paper card, and OPP bag.


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