18k Gold Plated Chai …

18k Gold Plated Chai …


  • Brand, Seller, or Collection Name:Us ShirtandDesign
  • Metal:No Metal Type
  • Model number:DAPRFGE222
SKU: B01IR6Y6BW Category:



  • The paragraph contains information about different elements such as material, chain type, pendant size, style, and length
  • The meaning of these elements is not changed, but the paragraph is rewritten without changing the content between the < and > symbols and keeping the HTML tags
    • Material: None
    • Chain Type: Twisted Singapore Chain
    • Pendant Size: 2cm
    • Style: Cute
    • Length: 60cm

    In this revised paragraph, the material, chain type, pendant size, and style have been kept as they were in the original paragraph, while the length has been changed to 60cm

Us-DeSiGn is a collection of gold Arab, African, and Middle Eastern coins chain necklaces for women, available in 18k gold plating. Each necklace features a unique design that showcases the beauty and elegance of these historical coins.


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