To the Moon and Back …


To the Moon and Back …


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  • Personalized message:雕刻ed with the loving message “I love you to the moon and back” in real life hand writing. Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Birthday, or Mother’s day!
  • Solid quality: Made with solid hallmarked stamped.925 Sterling silver, not silver plate, coated, or filled with nickel, but inside is Sterling silver. The moon is made of Sterling silver and is outside 18K white gold. The heart is made of Sterling silver and is outside 14K gold or 14K rose gold with a diamond accent.
  • Chain: A 16″ twinkle chain made of 14K over solid hallmarked stamped 925 Sterling silver. This chain is designed to sparkle when facing right angle light. It is not allergic to any material and comes in a custom jewelry box from Pearls N Silver.
  • Designed and made exclusively from Pearls N Silver. Copyrighted by them.
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    • Sterling silver, also known as.925 silver, is an alloy of pure silver and other metals, primarily copper. In 1000 parts of the alloy, 925 parts are pure silver, giving it the characteristic yellow or white color, and 75 parts are copper. This makes Sterling silver highly valued for its beautiful, durable, and easy-to-clean properties. The stamp “.925” or “S925” is commonly found on the surface of Sterling silver jewelry.
    • Sterling silver tarnishes due to the reaction of copper with the human body oil, which is present in a variety of sources. This creates a blackish color, which can be removed by diping the silver in a silver cleaner and rinseing it with soap and water. However, it is important not to soak the silver in the cleaner for too long as this can permanently damage it.
    • To clean tarnished Sterling silver, simply dip the silver in a silver cleaner and rinse it off with soap and water. The silver will return to its original color and should be able to be re-mounted without any damage.
    • Brought to you by Pearl N Silver – Gemological Institute of America Alumni.


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