18k Gold Plated Ankl …


18k Gold Plated Ankl …


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    • Copper Plated 18K Gold, environmental and stunning, 17CM length, extending chain 5CM
    • Ankle+Chain=Missing Lover
    • Left ankle: Anti-villain; Right ankle: Lucky
    • anklets best synced up with bohemian-style-hunters or with any girl who has at least one free-spirited ensemble in her wardrobe
    • anklets should be worn with a mini skirt or mini dress, casual shorts, leggings, or else with cuffed jeans – anything casual that bares the ankle zone of your foot
    • If your feet are thin and tender, opt for thin metallic anklets or even thin plastic ones
    • But if they’re not so thin and you’re aspiring to make them visually slimmer and more slender, then anklets with some medium-sized trinkets hanging from them will fill the bill, for sure


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